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Lavender Jade Bangle | 55mm (NJBA146)

Lavender Jade Bangle | 55mm (NJBA146)


This lavender jadeite bangle has a bright and saturated colour that carries a lively pinkish tone. This colour in natural jadeite causes it to be sometimes referred to as pink jadeite. This striking colour is particularly beautiful in natural light and does not fade or diminish even in bright daylight.

The bright pinkish lavender colour in this jadeite bangle spreads over the entire bangle with several lighter lavender patches. The entire jade bangle is clean without any dark spots or inclusions. The mix of pinkish lavender with light lavender creates smooth gradients of colour saturation that blends beautifully in this jadeite bangle.

The main photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. The last 2 photos in the photo collection are taken in indoor lighting. All of the photos showcase how the pink lavender hue remains vivid regardless of the lighting conditions. The jadeite bangle is natural and Type A.




No cracks.


Outer Diameter: 78.8mm
Inner Diameter: 55.5mm
Bangle (Round) Broadness: 11.5mm


Not Applicable

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