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Orange Fantasy Jadeite Ring - Cabochons (NJR201)

Orange Fantasy Jadeite Ring - Cabochons (NJR201)

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Red, orange and yellow hues blend together beautifully in this natural jadeite ring. Crafted with Type A jadeite cabochons, this ring is a burst of warm colours in an eye-catching cluster ring design. Each and every jadeite cabochon showcases good translucency and clarity, allowing this statement ring to glow intensely in natural daylight.

Set in 18K white gold, arrangement of the jadeite cabochons follows a bouquet-like design with sparkly diamonds interspersed amongst the glowing orbs of jadeite. Overall, the effect created is a jadeite ring that glows with a cheerful radiance coupled with tiny flashes of light produced by the natural diamonds set together with the jadeite cabochons.

The jadeite cabochons in this jade ring are carved from Type A jadeite. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and the last 2 photos are taken in indoor lighting. The warm hues of this jadeite ring remain bright and saturated in dimmer indoor lighting and do not display any dark or grey tones.


Highly translucent.


Clean with no visible inclusions.


Ring size: HK 13.5 / US 6.25
Jadeite with setting measures 16.8mm long and 14.3mm wide.


18K White gold with natural diamonds.

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