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Paint Palette Jade Pendant with Necklace (NJN013)

Paint Palette Jade Pendant with Necklace (NJN013)

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This jade pendant is designed as a paint palette. Paint on the palette is represented by 7 highly translucent Type A jadeite cabochons in a series of bright and vivid colours. The palette itself is crafted from 18K gold with a matte finish. A dainty paint brush in 18K gold finishes the paint palette design and is highlighted by a vivid green jadeite brush.

A 18K yellow gold necklace is crafted together with the paint palette and has an adjustable length which allows the pendant to be worn with different effects or outfits. With its bright colours, the jadeite "paint blobs" wonderfully showcase the range of hues that natural jadeite can have and make for an elegant conversation starter.

All photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. As an honest and fair practice, we try to photograph our jade jewellery to be as representative as possible of their natural colours. Last 2 photos in the set are taken in indoor lighting. This showcases how the jadeite jewellery will look like in indoor settings.




No cracks.


Paint palette: Length 16.3mm and width 12.9mm.
Each jade cabochon measures approximately 3mm.
Length of gold necklace can be adjusted to be worn at about 18, 17 or 16inches.


18K yellow gold pendant decorated with Type A jadeites and an attached 18K yellow gold chain. The gold chain is not removable.

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