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Unheated Blue Sapphire Ring - 2.4CT (NJR206)

Unheated Blue Sapphire Ring - 2.4CT (NJR206)


This blue sapphire ring features a natural blue sapphire with no heat enhancements or chemical treatments. The blue hue displayed has a vivid saturation that is evenly spread throughout the sapphire centrepiece. The pure blue hue is mesmerising in natural daylight and does not carry any dark or grey tones in indoor lighting. In dimmer lighting conditions, this blue sapphire retains its bright and open colour making this ring perfect for all occasions.

Adding to the rarity of its unheated condition, this vivid blue sapphire is also perfectly cut with proportionate facets that enhances the captivating blue colour with a sparkling brilliance. Clarity wise, this unheated blue sapphire has a small crystal inclusion that can be seen with magnification near one of the ring's prongs (zoom function available on a desktop or laptop). Other than this small crystal, the entire sapphire is completely clean, a feature that is extremely rare in natural sapphires without any heat treatments.

Finished in 18K white gold, this vivid blue sapphire is crafted in a classic design with a halo of natural diamonds encircling the natural gemstone.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and the last 3 photos are taken with indoor lighting to showcase how the sapphire ring will look whilst worn indoors.




Clean. Photos can be zoomed in on, when viewed on a desktop or laptop.


Ring size: HK 13 / US 6
Blue sapphire centrepiece measures 8.0mm long, 6.5mm wide and 5.0mm thick.


18K White gold with natural round diamonds that make up 0.618cts.

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