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Unheated Blue Sapphire Ring - 2.62CT (NJR260)

Unheated Blue Sapphire Ring - 2.62CT (NJR260)

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This is a natural unheated blue sapphire ring with a unique colour gradient. Half of the sapphire is in a pure blue colour which changes to an interesting mix of greenish yellow. The colour change in the natural sapphire is distinct and clear, creating a striking colour combination.

Referred to as a bi-colour sapphire or a parti sapphire, this sapphire is rare for its completely natural state. This sapphire centrepiece has not been heated or chemically enhanced in any manner. Well cut without any visible inclusions, the sharp and clean facets of this sapphire also emphasize its well defined colour change.

This natural blue sapphire ring is crafted with 18K white gold and natural diamonds in a timeless design. The main photos are taken in natural lighting and there are 2 additional photos taken with indoor lighting to showcase how the sapphire ring will look whilst worn indoors.




Clean. Photos can be zoomed in on, when viewed on a desktop or laptop.


Carat weight of the unheated blue sapphire is 2.62cts.


18K White gold with natural round and baguette shaped diamonds.

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