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White Jadeite Bracelet - Round Beads (NJBA132)

White Jadeite Bracelet - Round Beads (NJBA132)

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This Type A jadeite bracelet is made of 16 jadeite beads with a pure white colour. The jadeite beads bracelet showcases a clean and pristine look primarily due to its pure white hue that carries no distinct secondary colours. Pure white in natural jadeite is hard to come by because most white or near white jadeite is usually found with faint tints of colours.

In this white jadeite bracelet, the pristine white colour is consistent throughout all of the jadeite beads with good clarity. Every single jadeite bead is especially clean with no dark inclusions, greatly emphasizing the pure and pristine appearance of the jadeite bracelet. All of the 16 jade beads in this beads bracelet are carved from a single jadeite rough to achieve this consistency in colour and quality of this jadeite bracelet.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. The last 2 photos are taken in indoor lighting to showcase how the jade looks in typical indoor lighting. What you see here is representative of the actual quality of the jadeite. The jadeite beads are natural and guaranteed Type A.

For more information about jade bead sizes, do refer to this article here.




No cracks.


Jadeite Bead Diameter: 12.8mm
Jade bracelet is made of 16 round beads and will fit a wrist circumference of below 17cm comfortably.


Not Applicable

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