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Blue Jade Bangle | 58mm (NJBA130)

Blue Jade Bangle | 58mm (NJBA130)

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This is a natural blue jadeite bangle that carries a cool and watery appearance because of its high translucency throughout the jadeite bangle. This steely blue hue is a rarely seen colour in natural jadeite and a light gradient in saturation can be observed across the jadeite bangle.

Characteristic of highly translucent jadeite, white cotton-like inclusions can be seen suspended within the jadeite material. Because of the high translucency, these cotton-like inclusions appear "floating" and in this jadeite bangle, these appear like whispy thin clouds against a steely blue sky.

This jade bangle is carved with a semi-cylindrical cross section and has a slimmer profile compared to classic jade bangles. This slimmer profile creates a lighter jadeite bangle and also gives the bangle a more modern and contemporary appearance that complements its cool blue hue.

The main product photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. What you see here is representative of the actual quality of the jadeite bangle. The last 2 photos in the photo collection are taken in indoor lighting.


Highly translucent.


No cracks.


Outer Diameter: 69.7mm
Inner Diameter: 58.2mm
Bangle Broadness: 8.4mm
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Not Applicable.

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