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Blue Jade Bangle | 60mm (NJBA076)

Blue Jade Bangle | 60mm (NJBA076)


This is a natural Type A jadeite bangle with an interesting colour hue. The jade bangle displays a blue hue which is rarely found in natural jade. Jade bangles are carved and crafted from a single jadeite rough which makes this particular blue jadeite bangle more rare and collectible. A higher saturation of the soothing blue hue covers three-quarters of the jade bangle with a small portion displaying a lighter hue of blue. The soft gradient of blue is subtle and gives the blue jadeite a most alluring appearance.

Adding to the mesmerising blue hue, the jadeite bangle has good translucency throughout the bangle. This lends a watery effect to the jadeite which is ever more apparent with its blue aqueous colour. Translucency of fine jadeite also allows one to ensure that the jadeite material does not contain any cracks that may affect the durability of the jade bangle.

All photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. What you see here is representative of the actual quality of the jadeite bangle. The last 2 photos in the photo collection are taken in indoor lighting. The jadeite bangle is guaranteed natural and Type A.




No cracks.


Outer Diameter: 74.0mm
Inner Diameter: 60.0mm
Bangle (Round) Broadness: 11.6mm
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