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Icy Blue Jade Bangle | 57mm (NJBA092)

Icy Blue Jade Bangle | 57mm (NJBA092)


This Type A jadeite bangle displays a most mesmerising hue of blue that is rarely seen in natural jadeite. The unique blue hue is evenly spread throughout the jade bangle which combines with the high translucency of the jadeite material to exhibit a watery look and feel in this alluring jade bangle. With its soothing and relaxing colour, this icy blue jadeite wears extremely well with any outfit and is a rare and unique addition to any jade jewellery collection.

The main photos featured are taken in natural lighting while the last 2 photos are taken in warm indoor lighting. All photos are not enhanced in any way to give a representative view of the actual quality of the jadeite bangle. The jadeite bangle is guaranteed natural and Type A.


Highly translucent.


No cracks.


Outer Diameter: 71.1mm
Inner Diameter: 57.0mm
Bangle (Round) Broadness: 10.8mm
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