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Lavender Jade Beads Necklace (NJN030)

Lavender Jade Beads Necklace (NJN030)

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This jadeite beaded necklace is strung with 108 jadeite beads with a light lavender colour. Carved from a single jadeite rough, the jadeite beads display a consistent colour hue and quality in the entire strand. The light lavender hue carries a pinkish undertone which lends a soft, dreamy appearance to this jadeite necklace.

Crafted with Type A jadeite beads, this jade necklace is strung with a 18K white gold necklace clasp. This clasp sparkles brightly with natural diamonds and allows the necklace to be worn easily and comfortably. The clasp can also be used together with compatible pendants or charms.

All photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. The last two photos are taken under indoor lighting. As an honest and fair practice, we try to photograph our jade jewellery to be as representative as possible of their natural colours.

More information about lavender or violet jade can be found here.






108 jadeite beads with diameter 6.5mm each. Total length of the necklace is 27 inches long.


18K White gold with natural diamonds.

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