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Lavender with Green Jade Bangle | 53mm (NJBA118)

Lavender with Green Jade Bangle | 53mm (NJBA118)

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This Type A jadeite bangle is a showcase of 2 distinctly different colours on a single jadeite. Half of the bangle is a light green colour while the other half displays a pink lavender colour. The 2 colours blend together interestingly on both ends of the bangle where the colours meet. With the 2 colours occupying equal halves of the jadeite bangle, this natural bangle offers 2 unique appearances depending on the side of the bangle that is facing upwards whilst worn.

This jadeite bangle is carved with a classic cylindrical cross-section and uses more jadeite material. This gives the bangle a nice weighted feel when worn. The natural jadeite has good translucency which helps showcase the clarity and even colours of the jadeite bangle. The jade bangle has an even spread of colours with no dark inclusions.

The main photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. The photos are carefully taken to be representative of the actual quality and colours of the jade bangle. The last 2 photos in the photo collection are taken in indoor lighting. All photos showcase how the pink lavender hue remains vivid regardless of the lighting conditions. The jadeite bangle is natural and Type A.




No cracks.


Outer Diameter: 74.0mm
Inner Diameter: 52.8mm
Bangle Broadness: 11.0mm
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