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White and Grey Nephrite Bangle | 55mm (NJBA040)

White and Grey Nephrite Bangle | 55mm (NJBA040)


This is a natural nephrite bangle certified without any colour enhancements or chemical treatments.

Nephrite differs from jadeite mainly in texture. Natural nephrite is usually found with opaque and matte surfaces. Texture is also the distinguishing trait in this particular natural nephrite bangle. Density of the interlocking fibres, distinct to nephrite, found in this bangle are especially dense and finely knit together which allows the nephrite surface to take a much higher degree of shine and polish. This high polish gives this nephrite bangle a beautiful lustre and a completely smooth surface which is extremely comfortable to wear.

On top of its lustre and texture, the nephrite bangle has a fashionably monochromatic colour hue. Half of the bangle has a pure white hue which softly graduates to a silky grey hue on both ends. The pure white and neutral grey hued bangle wears easily and will add a subtle elegance to any outfit.

All photos featured are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. What you see here is representative of the actual quality of the nephrite bangle. The last 2 photos in the photo collection are taken in indoor lighting. The nephrite bangle is natural and will be accompanied with a NGI laboratory report.




No cracks.


Bangle is round with a cylindrical cross-section.
Outer Diameter: 74.4mm
Inner Diameter: 55.5mm
Bangle Broadness: 10.3mm
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