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White Jadeite Bangle | 75mm (NJBA135)

White Jadeite Bangle | 75mm (NJBA135)


This is a pure white jadeite bangle with streaks of green adding subtle hints of colour to the pristine white jadeite. Carved from natural, Type A jadeite, this jade bangle has a large inner diameter at 75mm.

Fine jadeite bangles are difficult to carve because of the amount of jadeite material required. As a result, larger sized jadeite bangles with fine quality are simply much harder to carve. This particular jadeite bangle is beautiful for its pristine colour and clarity, with a size that is incredibly hard to come by.

The main photos are taken in natural lighting and are not enhanced in any way. The last 2 photos are taken in indoor lighting with a warmer colour temperature to showcase how the jade looks in typical indoor lighting. What you see here is representative of the actual quality of the jadeite. The jadeite bangle is natural and Type A.




No cracks.


Outer Diameter: 94.2mm
Inner Diameter: 75.0mm
Bangle (Round) Broadness: 13.9mm
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